Connecting TO XLX Reflectors With Icom Terminal/Access Point Mode


  • A Supported Icom Radio (eg. ID-51 Plus 2, ID-4100)
  • Port 40000 (UDP) configured in the port forwarding section of your router
  • Icom RS-MS3A (Android) or RS-MS3W (Windows) installed
  • The correct data cable for your radio (if you are using an external device to connect to the reflector)

This guide assumes you already have already met the requirements above. I will be demoing how to connect to XLX842 as an example.

Information about connecting using a radio such as the IC-705 or IC-9700 will be added at a later time.

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Update On My Reflectors


I have started adding XLX reflector interlinks on module A. I have confirmed that Icom terminal mode access works on this reflector. I have also added a page with a list of modules on the reflector.


I have setup a new reflector in the United States. It has links to XLX861 on all modules. I have also started adding XLX interlinks on this reflector as well. Icom terminal mode access on this reflector has been confirmed.

CA WEST CAN (YSF System Fusion Reflector)

I have a YSF reflector setup for use by all licensed amateur radio operators. the dashboard can be found here.

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